Conferences, Webinars, and Committees

APGA Legislative Summit

Every year, APGA members travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. 

In addition to receiving updates on key natural gas issues, another critical component of this event is APGA members meeting with their congressional delegations. Having congressional representatives hear directly from their constituents on key issues of interest to public natural gas systems has greatly helped APGA’s advocacy efforts.

Many members of the APGA Public Gas Policy Council attend and participate in meetings on the Hill. The Public Gas Policy Council is made up of elected and appointed officials from public natural gas communities.

The 2022 APGA Legislative Summit will take place this January 23-26 at Phoenix Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. in coordination with the Winter Board and Committee Meetings. 

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Committees & Councils

APGA has many various avenues for members to enhance and further the policy positions of public gas industry. Our committees met four times a year in person during the Quarterly APGA Board & Committee Meetings.

Interested in joining an APGA committee? We encourage any interested APGA members to join our committees! Fill our the form below or send an email to 

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APGA’s Legislative Subcommittee advocates for the interests of public gas systems on Capitol Hill.

The APGA Public Gas Policy Council is open to all elected and appointed officials (e.g. mayors and city council members) from public gas communities. Locally-elected and appointed public officials have a strong, persuasive, and authoritative voice in Washington, D.C. with their elected representatives in both the House and Senate. Having a core group of elected officials carry the message of public gas systems to Congress significantly strengthens APGA’s advocacy efforts. Learn more here.
APGA's Regulatory Subcommittee develops APGA's regulatory positions based on the policies reflected in the Association resolutions and on member needs and viewpoints, and communicates and advocates these positions in the relevant regulatory forums.