APGA Safety Contest

APGA Safety Contest 

The APGA Safety Contest is an annual award given out to APGA public natural gas system members for their dedication to keeping their employees safe every day on every job. All APGA public gas system members are eligible to enter this contest.

Contestants shall be divided into the following groups based on the annual number of man-hours worked:

  • Group A = 8,000 or less man-hours
  • Group B = 8,001 to 18,000 man-hours
  • Group C = 18,001 to 38,000 man-hours
  • Group D = 38,001 to 70,000 man-hours
  • Group E = 70,001 or more man-hours

The winner of each group will be calculated based on total man-hours worked and the number of recordable injury or illness cases from January 1 to December 31 of the 2022 calendar year. This rate is determined by adding all recordable injuries and computing the incidence rate using the following formula: Incidence Rate = Total Recordable Injuries x 200,000 ÷ Man-Hours

If two or more contestants have equal incidence rates, they will each be presented with an award. 

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2022 APGA Safety Contest Award Winners

Group A Winning Systems (≤ 8,000 Hours )

  • None in 2022
2022 GROUP B WINNING SYSTEMS (8,001 – 18,000 HOURS)
  • City of Vernon, CA
  • City of Fort Morgan, CO
  • City of Americus Natural Gas Department, GA
  • City of Orange City, IA
  • Sioux Center Municipal Gas Utility, IA
  • City of Ellensburg, WA
2022 GROUP C WINNING SYSTEMS (18,001 – 38,000 HOURS)
  • Scottsboro Water, Sewer & Gas Board, AL
  • Winder Natural Gas Department, GA
  • Coon Rapids Municipal Utilities, IA (15 Years)
  • Owatonna Public Utilities, MN
  • Borough of Chambersburg, PA
2022 GROUP D WINNING SYSTEMS (38,001 – 70,000 HOURS)
  • Decatur Utilities, AL
  • City of Tallahassee Gas Utility, FL
  • City of Wilson - Wilson Energy, NC
  • Chester County Natural Gas Authority, SC
  • Paris-Henry County Public Utility District, TN
  • City of Boerne Utilities, TX
  • Huntsville Utilities, AL
  • City of Mesa, AZ (10 Years)
  • Lake Apopka Natural Gas District, FL
  • City of Lawrenceville, GA
  • Midwest Energy Inc., KS
  • City Utilities of Springfield, MO
  • City of Las Cruces, NM
  • Greenville Utilities Commission, NC (5 Years)
  • City of Hamilton, OH
  • Harriman Utility Board, TN
  • Jackson Energy Authority, TN
  • Jefferson-Cocke County Utility District, TN
  • Knoxville Utilities Board, TN
  • Oak Ridge Utility District, TN


Please contact Simon Cook at scook@apga.org or the APGA general inquires email address at info@apga.org.