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2022 Public Natural Gas Week Materials   

7 entries
Here are resources for celebrating 2022 Public Natural Gas Week.

Congressional Correspondence   

111 entries
APGA often sends letters to Congress to make sure our members' perspective is on record on important policy issues.

Federal Testimony   

24 entries
APGA and its members testify in front of congress and various federal agencies.

Monthly Pipeline Safety Regulatory Updates   

36 entries
Updated monthly with the latest news in pipeline safety regulation.

Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day Library   

8 entries
Utilities are welcome to access and use Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day materials.

Press Releases and Statements   

96 entries
An archive of APGA Press Releases and Statements

Regulatory Submissions   

238 entries
APGA often submits comments to federal agencies providing our members' perspectives on important rulemakings.