APGA Committees

APGA's most important work is performed through committees, subcommittees and task forces comprised of volunteer APGA members.  Committees plan and oversee APGA's government relations work and other activities that affect education, membership, marketing, and safety.

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Codes & Standards

To advocate for safe and competitive codes and standards for the natural gas utility industry; and, to provide members timely notice of opportunities to consider and affect revisions to said codes and standards that may impact the competitive position of natural gas and end-use appliances.

Chair: Danny Manning, Sevier County Utility District
Vice Chair: Brian Marco, Philadelphia Gas Works

Codes and Standards community (for committee members)

Contact: Renée Lani

Direct-Use Task Group

APGA’s Direct-Use Task Group was established to identify threats and opportunities for natural gas direct-use and develop strategies to respond to the threats while communicating the benefits that direct-use provides.

Contact: Stuart Saulters


To brainstorm ideas, themes, authors and stories for the issues of THE SOURCE magazine.

Chair: Lori Bonilla, City of Mesa
Vice Chair: Chris Stripplehoff, MGAG

Contact: Audrey Casey


To serve as the technical lead on APGA's environmental advocacy and communications efforts to work on decreasing distribution sector emissions as well as share and promote industry environmental related efforts within APGA membership and their system.

Chair: Matt Stennett, Middle Tennessee Natural Gas

Contact: Erin Kurilla

Gas Supply

To encourage the exchange of information about natural gas markets among public gas systems, suppliers, pipelines, joint purchasing groups, and other local distribution systems.

Chair: John Zuk, Philadelphia Gas Works
Vice Chair: Anthony Cadorin, City of Mesa

Gas Supply community (for committee members)

Contact: Stuart Saulters

Government Relations

This group, which is the combination of the Legislative and Regulatory Subcommittees, oversees APGA legislative and regulatory to further the interests of public gas systems before Congress and governmental agencies.

Chair: Alonzo Weaver, Memphis Light, Gas and Water
Vice Chair: John Olshefski, Huntsville Utilities

Contact: Stuart Saulters


To advocate the interests of public gas systems in Congress.

Chair: Rodney Dill, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
Vice Chair: Scott Tolleson, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

Legislative Subcommittee community (for committee members)

Contact: Stuart Saulters

Marketing and Sales

To assist member systems to increase the number of customers and appliances served; and, act as a clearing-house for marketing "best practices."

Chair: Alison Ragsdale, Sevier County Utilities District
Vice Chair: Todd Long, Huntsville Utilities

Marketing and Sales community (for committee members)

Contact: Audrey Casey

Media & Public Outreach Committee

The Media and Public Outreach Committee (MPOC) was established by the APGA Board of Directors at the July 2018 meeting to develop, coordinate and support APGA’s overarching communications and messaging on the benefits of direct use, pipeline safety, municipal and public gas system ownership, small operator concerns, and other appropriate matters of interest to APGA Members. 

Chair: Alonzo Weaver, Memphis Light, Gas and Water
Vice Chair:  John Olshefski, Huntsville Utilities

Contact: Audrey Casey

Natural Gas Vehicles Committee

To disseminate NGV and fueling infrastructure information internally to APGA members and to advocate for NGVs and fueling infrastructure externally to businesses and local, state, and federal policymakers in order to significantly increase the deployment of NGVs throughout the United States.

Chair: Brian Langille, Clearwater Gas System
Vice Chair: Monical Marlow, Lake Apopka Natural Gas District

NGV community (for committee members)

Contact: Stuart Saulters

Operations and Safety

To enhance the safety and reliability of public gas system operations by providing information and services to APGA members and other stakeholders on the regulatory requirements and best practices for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of natural gas systems.

Chair: Carl Smith, Greenville Utilities Commission
Vice Chair: Jocelyn McInturff, Knoxville Utilities

Operations and Safety community (for committee members)

Contact: Erin Kurilla


To develop APGA's regulatory positions based on the policies reflected in the Association resolutions and on member needs and viewpoints; to communicate and advocate these positions in the relevant regulatory forums.

Chair: Mark Nibaur, Austin Utilities
Vice Chair: Jim Crowley, Easton Utilities

Regulatory Subcommittee community (for committee members)

Contact: Renée Lani


To assist in raising awareness and developing best practices around cybersecurity and physical security for public gas systems to ensure the reliable delivery of natural gas to its customers.

Security Subcommittee community (for committee members)

Contact: Stuart Saulters