APGA Membership: Getting Started

Welcome! APGA is the only trade association that solely represents the interests of public natural gas systems at the legislative and regulatory levels. From the smallest to the largest systems, APGA is working for you. Formed in 1961, APGA has over 700 public natural gas system members in 38 states and about 100 Associate members. We advocate on behalf of our members helping them strengthen their systems by providing access to the latest industry trends on safety standards, competitiveness, regulations and other important issues that affect their system.

Where to begin? 

To get membership access to the APGA website, please email info@apga.org or SIMON COOK.

You can also click the CONTACT US link at the top of the website.

The Board of Directors is composed of APGA members who are actively engaged in our issues and committees. The Board of Directors meets four times per year in person. A board member’s term is for three years, and they are eligible for two consecutive terms before they roll off. There is a Chairman of the Board, a First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, and Treasurer. A call for nominations for the Board of Directors is sent out in February/March timeframe.

APGA is a member-driven organization that is run by committees. Committees are groups of volunteer members who meet regularly (frequency varies by committee) and discuss, make decisions, and further various topics and issues. A list of all APGA committees and their descriptions along with form to sign up for APGA Committees can be found at WWW.APGA.ORG/COMMITTEES 

Getting involved in a committee is very easy! You can simply email the APGA staff member who is responsible for that committee, email info@apga.org, or fill out this form

Join A Committee

Most committees meet face-to-face three times per year at APGA’s winter, spring and fall Board and committee meetings. Some committees also conduct monthly or quarterly conference calls. Some committees may meet or conduct additional conference calls when there is a pressing issue.

Committee materials are housed on their individual communities on the APGA website. You can also access these pages via the APGA website, by clicking on the “Committees” tab and selecting your committee.

The APGA Community is an online forum for members to interact, network, discuss industry issues, post or download documents, view resources, and get up-to-date news and information. Members can post a question on one or more of the discussion board and receive responses from other members, which is a great way to receive information and resources from peers all across the country that may have faced similar issues and questions. The APGA Community is limited to APGA members and requires a username and password.

Making a post on the APGA Community is a great way to connect with our public natural gas utility professionals from around the country! It is a great way to gather and offer information from/to your peers. To make a post, go to WWW.APGA.ORG then click on the green “Join the Conversation” button. If prompted, enter your email address and password, then select the discussion(s) where you want to post the message to (either a specific committee, or the whole community, or both), write your message, and press “Send.” You can also go to WWW.APGA.ORG/HOME, scroll through the various ongoing discussions listed on the page, click on one to read through them, and then click on “Reply to Discussion” to participate.

APGA strives to keep members informed in a timely and efficient manner of any and all industry news as well as APGA member information. We produce several publications to achieve this. Each Thursday afternoon, the Weekly Update, is distributed via email. This has all of the news of the week that APGA members should know.  APGA sends out its monthly At-A-Glance newsletter that rounds up the public natural gas industry and APGA news from the past month. Lastly, our magazine, THE SOURCE, is published quarterly in hard copy and online formats. THE SOURCE features longer articles by various people and organizations in the public gas industry including policymakers, members and other association.

To receive the publications or update your preferences, please contact Audrey Casey at acasey@apga.org or INFO@APGA.ORG

You can access past copies of our publications HERE.

APGA generally holds five conferences throughout the year: Gas Supply and Marketing & Policy (held concurrently in early spring); Legislative (early January); Annual Conference (late July); and, Operations (October/November). These conferences are add-ons to our quarterly board and committee meetings, with the exception of the early spring conferences. The Annual Conference holds a board meeting but does not hold committee meetings. Each conference has its own page on our website where you can find location information, agendas, hotel reservations, registration, and presentations, which are posted after the event.

Click on the “Events” tab on the website to access the events. View

Registration for events can be done either online or by emailing/faxing/mailing a copy of the registration form to the APGA office. Both the online and paper forms are available on each event’s page on the APGA website. 

Yes! Log into our website and under the “Resources” tab above, you will see “Directory" tab with many options for searching for APGA Members. The "Member Individual Directory" is where you can look up gas system employees that are members, and “Member Company Directory,” where you can look up the gas system organization information. APGA also publishes a hard copy member directory each year, which is mailed to systems. These booklets list all public gas systems, member and non-member, as well as other useful APGA information. 


APGA conducts educational webinars regularly for members and these webinars are recorded so that they may be watched at any time. You can find the recordings, as well as registration for upcoming webinars, at WWW.APGA.ORG/WEBINARS

APGA has also produced several videos on topics ranging from the benefits of public gas systems, to issue briefs, to community service. The videos are available on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and we encourage members to use these in their digital media endeavors. View

Anyone! All gas utility employees are considered APGA members and are entitled to member benefits including access to the website/Community and to committees.
If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to click the CONTACT US link in the top navigation to get in touch or email info@apga.org.