Mutual Aid Program

When disaster strikes, APGA's Mutual Aid Program is here to help.

With numerous weather and outage related incidents throughout the country, it has become ever apparent that APGA members are ready and eager to send aid. APGA has created the new Mutual Aid Program to allow utilities to provide and receive aid from natural gas system program participants from around the country in the event of a disaster or emergency situation – a critical component during a scenario requiring an urgent response.

Participation in the Mutual Aid Program is voluntary, but APGA encourages as many members as possible to sign the Mutual Aid Agreement form in order to create a robust and effective Mutual Aid Program.

How It Works

In the event of an emergency, a utility can call for aid by sending a Request for Aid (RFA) form (View) to At that point, APGA staff would identify potential matches based on what the system is requesting and then put the two (or more) systems in contact with each other. After the match has been made, the requesting and responding systems coordinate the logistics of the relief until completion.

If you plan to participate, the Mutual Aid Agreement form (View) needs to be signed by the designated point of contact for the program. Once signed, this will induct your system into the program. The forms should then be mailed or faxed to APGA, or scanned and emailed directly to


Procedures and Guidelines

The APGA Mutual Aid Procedures and Guidelines were developed for members to request and provide emergency assistance in the form of personnel, supplies and/or equipment, to aid in restoring gas service when it has been disrupted and cannot be restored in a safe and timely manner by the affected system or systems alone. The document highlights the roles and responsibilities of APGA, and the requesting and responding system(s) before, during, and after a mutual aid request. It is critical that you keep a copy of this on hand in the event you need to make, or respond to, a mutual aid request.

APGA members may access and download the PDF by clicking here (APGA Member login required)


Addressing Public Gas System Needs

The APGA Mutual Aid program was formally approved by the APGA Board of Directors in May 2019, and was developed with input from the APGA Operations & Safety Committee and APGA's Mutual Aid Task Group. The program guidelines aim to allow as close to 100% participation from APGA members as possible.

The mutual aid agreement addresses indemnification, workers compensation, and Operator Qualification:

  • Indemnification - The APGA Mutual Aid Agreement states that the Requesting System indemnifies Responding Systems “to the full extent permitted by law, but without waiving and subject to all defenses including all constitutional, statutory and common law immunities and limits of liability, to release, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Responding System…”
  • Workers Compensation - The APGA Mutual Aid Agreement maintains that “At all times, employees of a Responding System continue to be employees of the Responding System and are not ever deemed to be employees of a Requesting System.” The agreement states that the Requesting System will compensate the Responding System’s employees’ “wages and salaries for paid time spent in Requesting System’s service area and paid time during travel to and from such service area, plus Responding System’s standard payable additives to cover all employee benefits and allowances.”
  • Operator Qualification - The APGA Mutual Aid Agreement puts the onus on the Requesting System to ensure that those working on their system are Operator Qualified. It states that the “Requesting System must specify in their request for aid what tasks are covered tasks per 49 CFR 192 subpart N. The Requesting System receiving personnel pursuant is required to confirm that Responding Company personnel’s knowledge, skills and ability are consistent with Requesting Company’s needs.

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APGA Webinar (members only)

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If you have any questions about the APGA Mutual Aid Program, you are encouraged to contact APGA staff at (202) 464-2742 or by email at