Safety Management Excellence Awards

Public gas systems have one of the best employee safety records over many industries, in no small part due to ongoing emphasis on employee safety among APGA member systems. APGA has developed a program that recognizes public gas systems that excel in safety management. Read the full memo from Pat Riley APGA Operations & Safety Committee Chair.

This award is given to an APGA member system that consistently operates at the highest levels, clearly establishing the system as an achiever of excellence in the field of Safety Management.

We have greatly simplified the application process -- no more statistics, budget information or paperwork to submit. Simply tell us what your system does to promote employee safety that you have found particularly unique and effective. Note: Please focus on employee safety, e.g. occupational safety, not pipeline safety or public safety. While all of these are important, this particular award focuses on employee safety. While only one system can win the award, the best ideas submitted will be shared with other APGA members throughout the coming year in Public Gas News, on the APGA website, and during APGA Operations and Safety Committee monthly conference calls. We encourage all members to submit ideas that will benefit all public gas systems.


Recent Winners

  • 2019 – Greenville Utilities Commission, NC
  • 2018 - City of Tallahassee Gas Utility, FL
  • 2017 - CPS Energy, San Antonio, TX
  • 2016 - Clearwater Gas, FL
  • 2015 - Middle Tennessee Natural Gas 
  • 2014 - Henderson, KY
  • 2013 - City Utilities of Springfield, MO
  • 2012 - Huntsville Utilities, AL
  • 2011 - City of Mesa, AZ
  • 2010 - Westfield Gas & Electric, MA
  • 2009 - Oak Ridge Utility District, TN
  • 2008 – Greenville Utilities, NC
  • 2007 – Sunrise Gas Dept., FL
  • 2006 – Jefferson-Cocke Counties Utility District, TN
  • 2005 – Athens Utilities, AL
  • 2004 – Jefferson-Cocke Counties Utility District, TN
  • 2003 – Orangeburg Dept. of Public Utilities, SC
  • 2002 – Sevier County Utility District, TN
  • 2001 – Greenville Utilities, NC