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APGA is the only not-for-profit trade organization representing America's publicly owned natural gas local distribution companies (LDCs). APGA represents the interests of public gas before Congress, federal agencies and other energy-related stakeholders by developing regulatory and legislative policies that further the goals of our members.

In addition, APGA organizes meetings, seminars, and workshops with a specific goal to improve the reliability, operational efficiency, and regulatory environment in which public gas systems operate.


"By joining together with other public gas systems, we all have more influence in the important matters impacting public gas systems and the customers we serve".

- Arthur Corbin, President of the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia



80+ Associate members
15+ National Sponsors
• 50+ Affiliate Members


Conferences on Marketing, Operations, Utility Management and More
Free Monthly Webinar Series


• Annual Conference with 350+ Attendees

Online Forum Exclusively with 1,500+ Public Gas System Employees


Public Gas System Membership

APGA members are natural gas systems that are owned by and accountable to the citizens they serve. We advocate on behalf of our members helping them strengthen their systems by providing access to the latest industry trends on safety standards, competitiveness, regulations and other important issues that affect their system.

Benefits of membership:

  • Representation on Capitol Hill and the full APGA staff at your service.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow public natural gas professionals.
  • Opportunities to get involved at the highest level of the organization. Everyone has a voice at APGA because of its inclusive committee structure.
  • Meetings and events that provide you with current industry trends and educational opportunities to improve your bottom line and help your system thrive.
  • Regular industry and regulatory updates that impact your business.
  • Access to our exclusive publications including our bi-weekly newsletter and quarterly magazine.
  • Access to APGA's Benchmarking module to compare your system against national utility statistics.
  • Access to the APGA Community, where you can connect and have discussions with the largest network of public natural gas professionals in the United States.

For additional information or to join APGA, please contact Sheila Deringis at


Small Public Gas System Member (System under 500 Meters)


Regular Public Gas System Membership (Systems between 501-60,000 meters)

Large Public Gas System Membership (Systems between 60,001 - 200,000 meters)

Large Public Gas System Membership (Systems over 200,000 meters)


Questions? Need help joining APGA? Please email Sheila Deringis at


Associate Membership


Associate membership is for organizations that provide products and/or services for publicly owned natural gas distribution systems.  APGA Associate Membership is a unique opportunity not available in other natural gas organizations. Associate membership gives your company numerous opportunities to make personal contact with the decision-makers of the nation’s publicly owned natural gas systems at APGA workshops, seminars and conferences held throughout the year. Associate members are encouraged to attend these meetings and to participate by exhibiting and hosting social functions.

Benefits of membership:

  • Unprecedented access to over 700 APGA member systems and APGA staff
  • APGA looks first to associates for speakers at training workshops and symposia
  • Opportunities to gain visibility as an APGA Annual Sponsor
  • Member discounts for meetings and conferences
  • Opportunities to exhibit products and services at APGA conferences, workshops and symposia
  • Gain additional exposure by hosting functions or sponsoring events at the Annual Conference, quarterly meetings, workshops and conferences
  • Company listing in the APGA Directory at
  • Opportunity to place additional company information via ads in the APGA Directory and the APGA Public Gas News
  • Actively participate in quarterly committee meetings and the APGA Community
  • Associate members are eligible to sit on the APGA Board of Directors
  • APGA’s biweekly newsletter provides timely information on government actions and other issues affecting public gas systems
  • Receive regular industry and regulatory updates that impact your business


2021 Associate Membership


If you choose to become an APGA Associate member prior to January 1, 2020, your membership will start as soon as payment is received and will be active through the end of 2020.



Interested in becoming part of APGA's National Sponsorship program?

Please contact Sheila Deringis at for more information.


Questions? Need help joining APGA? Please email Sheila Deringis at


APGA Limited Membership


Limited membership is for investor or privately-owned natural gas distribution systems serving less than 25,000 customers. APGA Limited Membership provides an opportunity for small local distribution companies to cross share on operations and safety issues with operators of similar size and structure.

Benefits of membership:

  • Access to APGA’s Operations & Safety Committee, including monthly conference calls, committee's online community, and member meetings.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow natural gas professionals.
  • Access to APGA’s Benchmarking module to compare your system against national utility statistics.
  • Access to Operations focused webinars and member discount for APGA's Operations Conference.
  • Regular industry updates through APGA quarterly magazine The Source and APGA's electronic bi-weekly newsletter.

Note: APGA Limited Members are unable to participate in advocacy related activities and are only able to participate in the Operations & Safety Committee.


2021 LImited Membership




APGA Member Systems Include: